Why Choose Lifestyleinsurances.ie?

Car Excess Insurance

4 options of cover

Peace of Mind motoring

Insure policy excess up to €1500

Want to find cheaper car insurance but unwilling to risk a high excess?

With Lifestyle Motor Excess Insurance you can enjoy the benefit without the risk. For as little as €28.00 you can insure against a €750.00 policy excess!

This is the perfect policy if your motor insurance has a hefty excess? For a small amount you can insure the much larger excess amount saving you money on your premium. If by taking a large excess you can get a cheaper premium? Use some of that saving to insure it and reduce your risk!

The Lifestyle Motor Excess Policy will reimburse to you any excess paid under your motor insurance, provided that the total amount payable under any claim exceeds the value of the excess and that the incident leading to that claim under the motor insurance occurred during the period of insurance.